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"We have been full time RVer's for four years and have been with you all since that first journey. With the recent move, we were concerned we would never find another mail forwarding service that would satisfy our needs as in the past. Good Sam Mail Service, once again, have exceeded our expectations."

- Judd and Jan

We're the best in the business. Since our opening, we've sent out 325,719 shipments containing 2,145,285 pieces of mail. We invest heavily in technology to keep your costs down and quality up.

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Two great plans for you


A plan that won't break the bank but will still get your mail forwarded to you as you deem necessary. Does not include extra management tools in your mailbox such as mail images, package information, weights, or scans.


A plan that offers maximum control over your mail and your mailbox as well as all the Premium features offered by this plan such as mail images, package information, weights, scans, customized shipments, and much more.

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Want a discounted club plan? — Good Sam club members receive up to a 25% discount off select mail service plans. For more information, click here.
Want the discounted club plan prices shown above? — Good Sam club members receive up to a 25% discount off select mail service plans. For more information, click here.

Plan Features

View front images of envelopes, packages, and magazines
Request scans of envelope contents online ($2.50 per letter up to 10 pages)
Physical street address in Florida, valid for Florida residency (optional)
Share your mailbox with the whole family
State-of-the-art account management tools
Shred and recyle unwanted mail
Activate or deactivate (freeze) your account as needed
Automatically refill postage balance as needed
Access your account with our Android or iOS App
Review mail by phone with live person
Ship your mail on your time, just when you need it or on a custom schedule
Change your forwarding address as often as you need
No limits on the mail or packages you can receive
No fees for incoming packages
No storage fees (physical or data)
Automatic email summaries for new mail received each day
Automatic email alerts for jury summons, court summons, or certified mail
Automatic email notifications for outgoing shipments with tracking information
For additional shipping costs, go to our frequently asked questions section for prices.

Don't take our word for it, see what else people are saying...

"You and your terrific staff have provided me with quick, reliable, and secure mail service throughout my travels, no matter where I was in the country. I truly appreciate your services."

- Chuck Colley

"I would like to thank Good Sam Mail Service for being such a fantastic service. Everyone has made using the service so simple and pleasant that I can't imagine having my mail delivered another way. A special thank you to Connie for making my day even better."

- Dawn Spinney

"Since the beginning of November, my wife and I have been working for Doctors Without Borders. I'm not sure that this would even have been possible without your service, which I have found to be incredibly reliable and user-friendly. Tax documents and other financial matters have been easily investigated and addressed via scans, which has allowed us tremendous peace of mind, and everything has been as prompt and as smooth as I could have ever imagined."

- George & Katie

I just want to take a moment and tell you how wonderful your service has been. We have used Good Sam Mail Service for several years and always knew our mail was safe, it was easy to get, your website and services were easy to use and the cost of the service was extremely reasonable. You have even contacted us when something arrived that was unusual and might need special handling. One such time was expensive medication that came to you in error. The box indicated that it was packed in ice and arrived at your facility on a Friday afternoon. Thanks to a quick thinking employee, we were notified. We asked if the medicine could be kept cold until it could be shipped on Monday. The employee, with our permission, put the medication in your refrigerator over the weekend until it could be overnighted to us. Above and beyond! It's been the best experience we have had with any company in a long time.

- Arthur & Linda Winder