Two great plans to choose from

View images of your letters, packages, and magazines
Request letter scans online ($2.50 per letter up to 10 pages)
Physical Florida address to receive mail and optionally Florida state benefits
No limit on mail or packages received or mail held
Unlimited address forwarding changes
Schedule future or automatic weekly/monthly shipments
Call for mail count review or to open a piece of mail
Package tracking for all outgoing shipments + email notification
Automatic obvious junk mail shredding
Automatic email notifications for certified mail, court, and jury summons
Automatic postage replenishment and renewal

Not sure which plan to choose?

Choose Basic if....

You want a plan that won't break the bank but will still get your mail forwarded to you as you deem necessary. You also do not need any extra management tools in your mailbox such as viewing sender's names, package information, weights, or scans.

Choose Premium if....

You want maximum control over your mail and your mailbox as well as all the Premium features offered by this plan such as viewing sender's names, package information, weights, scans, customized shipments, and much more.