Two great plans to choose from

View front images of envelopes, packages, and magazines
Request scans of envelope contents online ($2.50 per letter up to 10 pages)
Initiate check deposits ($4.95 up to 5 checks to same bank)
Physical street address in Florida, valid for Florida residency (if you want to become a resident)
Share your mailbox with the whole family
State-of-the-art account management tools
Shred and recyle unwanted mail
Turn your account off and on as needed
Automatically refill postage balance as needed
Access your account with our Android or iOS App
Review mail by phone with live person
Ship your mail on your time, just when you need it or on a custom schedule
Change your forwarding address as often as you need
No limits on the mail or packages you can receive
No fees for incoming packages
No storage fees (physical or data)
Automatic email summaries for new mail received each day
Automatic email alerts for jury summons, court summons, or certified mail
Automatic email notifications for outgoing shipments with tracking information

Not sure which plan to choose?

Choose Basic if....

You want a plan that won't break the bank but will still get your mail forwarded to you as you deem necessary. You also do not need any extra management tools in your mailbox such as viewing mail images, package information, weights, or scans.

Choose Premium if....

You want maximum control over your mail and your mailbox as well as all the Premium features offered by this plan such as viewing mail images, package information, weights, scans, customized shipments, and much more.